Portrait in James Turrell’s House of Light

My goal is to simplify a convoluted mindspace. In creating, I'm drawn to the alternative functionalities of materials. I'm interested in what captivates viewers, and the mediums that immerse them in feelings of amusement and wonder.

As a child, I remember sliding under the table after eating a meal. I loved watching toes wiggle in shoes, and legs crossing and uncrossing while the voices of family and friends echoed above. What I found most interesting was the change in perspective. I discovered that other realities were waiting to be investigated if I were curious enough to look for them. This curiosity continues to drives my work - I'm always seeking to uncover new materials, dimensions, perspectives, and realities for inspiration.

Brittany Schmid is a New York City creative with a portfolio of sculptures, paintings, photographs, and graphic illustrations. Her work currently focuses on dreamscapes of alternative realities. These series of pieces are representations of her own dreams and daydreams and the fragmented narratives, and vague feelings of nostalgia and disorientation one experiences when waking from them.